Social Media Breakfast Edmonton

User Experience Design

The home of social media.

Social Media Breakfast Edmonton (SMBYEG) is a local event that provides a place for those interested in social media to discuss effective practices, past experiences, and new techniques. Through this event, SMBYEG aims to nurture social media in the community, and also enhance existing social networks.


Social Media Breakfast Edmonton (SMBYEG)'s primary organizational goal is to make the Edmonton Capital region a premier social media community. SMBYEG aims to achieve this by providing opportunities to build and grow the existing community, bringing forth opportunities for social media networking and education within the regions at all levels of digital literacy. As such, they wanted to explore a redesign of their existing website, in order to have a new online engagement platform that aligns with the organization's established goals - selling more tickets, and attracting more speakers, sponsors, and volunteers to their events.

The presented piece is the development of a new, mobile-friendly/responsive website that reorganizes SMBYEG's existing content in an engaging manner. The website would serve as a hub for all SMBYEG events, providing a place for users to find out more information about each event, as well as explore ways in which they are able to contribute to the SMBYEG community and get involved. The website retains critical aspects of the brand's identity in both colour and existing typeface, but aims to present a lead-generation cented platform that promotes their existing content effectively to both new and returning users.


Final Applications