Corporate ID + Branding

The industry leader.

Allina is one of Canada’s leading private healthcare companies, comprising a workforce of around 6,500 employees across 350 units in Alberta, British Columbia and Québec. Highly diverse, the company covers a multitude of areas such as hospitals, home care services, diagnostics, and facilities for the disabled.


Because of its multifaceted nature, the company Allina seeked to create a visual identity that has the capacity to transcend across all of the company's services, while also having the capability to be flexible in its implementation. As such, the client requested the creation of a wordmark as opposed to a logo, with the wordmark serving as an easily identifiable visual representation of the company.

The presented piece was designed to convey a sense of trustworthiness and honesty that is presented to all of the company's new and returning users, through the presentation of a simplistic and bold visual identity. A three-column visual element appears both in the wordmark and on accompanying stationary, representative of the concept of 'pillars of excellence', serving to reinforce the company's standard of performance for its users. Blue is presented as the primary colour, chosen for its conveyed feelings of trust and calmness that are commonplace in companies of this nature. Accompanying stationary elements feature both the wordmark and the additional pillars of excellence, in addition to the established colour pallete.


Final Applications